Now you can build your own powerful personal brand that puts your name out in the community, positions you as a leader in your market, and gets you a boatload of more business!
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In just 3 short weeks you can build your own powerful
personal brand - and have lots of fun while doing it!
Ever wonder how some people seem to stumble upon opportunities everywhere they go?
  • their facebook updates get loads of comments
  • their e-newsletter has tons of subscribers
  • they get quoted in the local media regularly
  • everything they do seems to get them lots of attention
  • most importantly, they always seem to be generating a boatload of new leads!
There is a definite method to the magic, and the good news is now you can create this kind of magic for your own business too, with a POWERFUL PERSONAL BRAND!
  • No more confusion over what to do to separate yourself from the competition
  • No more blending into the background with the thousands of other professionals in your industry that are struggling to build a profitable business
  • No more wasting money on marketing that is exactly the same as your competition
  • No more missing out on free marketing opportunities
  • No more spinning your wheels, wasting valuable time and scarce dollars on trying to market yourself... only to find out what you've done has only gotten you tire-kickers... if any interest at all
  • No more struggling to build your business... isn't working for yourself something you're supposed to enjoy?
If you're tired of experiencing any of the above, then we have a special treat for you. It's time to step out from the background, and step into the spotlight by building your own powerful personal branding with the Personal Brand Bootcamp!
We will take you by the hand and walk you through building your own powerful personal brand that sets you apart from the competition, builds your reputation in the community, attracts leads, gets more repeat and referral business... all the while having loads of FUN!
We've worked with loads of clients building personal branding for Real Estate Agents, personal branding for Mortgage Agents, personal branding for Personal Trainers, and personal branding for Entrepreneurs/Small Businesses... and we've had fantastic success!
When you build a powerful pesonal brand here's what typically happens:
  • You feel confident presenting yourself to leads, clients and referral sources
  • You can easily explain why someone should work with you, instead of your competitor
  • Your competition melts away, as you present yourself as a totally unique and highly tuned professional
  • Your brand, and your business attracts more and more attention
  • Marketing yourself becomes easy, and more and more "free" marketing opportunities get you better and better results
  • People start talking more and more about your business (that's free word of mouth marketing!)
  • You get more inquiries, more leads, and more clients
  • You're enjoying your success... you feel good about your business, and your confidence increases
  • This newfound confidence and success, only makes you more attractive to leads and clients... meaning you'll naturally attract more and more business!
  • You're not faking it 'till you make it anymore... you're growing a highly profitable business and making more money, just by being yourself, and letting your powerful personal branding work its magic for you!
The Personal Brand Bootcamp give you expert advice on:
  • How to create your own personal brand that sets you apart from the competition
  • How to get an unforgettable "look" for your brand that makes clients remember you
  • What you need to do to get the POWER behind your personal brand
  • The biggest mistakes you can make with your personal brand... and how to avoid them
  • A checklist of the best marketing tactics you can use for your business... many of them free!
The Personal Brand Bootcamp uses a totally unique, easy to follow, and incredibly FUN format to help you build your own powerful personal branding: The P.O.P. fomula
P.O.P. stands for "Personality Ornaments Power" and here's a sneak peak at some of the great ways we'll use this formula to separate you from the competition:
  • using celebrity personal brands, like Lady Gaga, and Mike Holmes, to break down what makes a personal brand irresistible... and then we do this for your personal brand!
  • come up with totally unique "ornaments" for your brand, whether it's huge sunglasses with bright red lipstick, a conservative and freshly pressed 3 piece suit that compliments your vintage car, or your passion for a local sports team - it's something that when people see, they'll think of you!
  • break down what colours mean, and what they say about you... so we can build the brand that's the perfect fit for you personally and professionally!
Who said personal branding had to be boring... not us! Together we'll have loads of fun discovering what makes you unique, and putting this out to the world!
How it works:
Over 3 online video training sessions we'll work together to build your powerful personal brand using the unique, easy to follow and incredibly FUN P.O.P. (Personality Ornaments Power) formula!
Week One: Personality
  • Stepping into the Spotlight - a fun personality test on what separates you from the competition and how you can use this to your huge advantage in business
  • Top Four Ways to break down a personal brand - including fun and famous analogies like celebrity analogies, car analogies, and how we can use your favourite brands to help build your own brand
  • The #1 Branding Error, and how you can avoid it (chances are extremely high that you're making this mistake, and you don't even know it... but we'll fix that!)
Week Two: Ornaments
  • A fun "personal style" quiz - that helps you understand what's unique about your personal style, and what about your personal style will attract leads and clients to you
  • The magic of colours - understanding what each colour means... and how you can build a winning colour palette for your business
  • The allure of ornaments - finding out what key "tools and trinkets" will be used to cement the image of your personal brand... whether it's based on your favourite cocktail, your love of travel, your accounting background or your fashion savvy!
  • How to co-brand - if you belong to a larger group such as a mortgage brokerage or a real estate company, chances are that you'll need to include that logo and brand identity in all your marketing materials. We'll teach you how to do it so that it supports your brand, makes you look even better in the eyes of prospects, and gets you more business!
Week Three: Power
  • What's in your brands toolkit? An inventory of the best marketing tactics you can use for your business... many of them free!
  • Spreading the brand love: how to fuel the power behind your brand and make sure that's it's everywhere, on everything you do!
  • Be unforgettable! Tricks to make sure your brand gets remembered
What exactly am I getting?
  • 3 Invaluable Personal Branding Videos. Each week you'll receive a new video that takes you by the hand, step by step, through the P.O.P. formula so you can build your own powerful personal brand... and have loads of fun while doing it!
  • 3 Weekly Workbooks - where you can work through your personal brand, chart your progress, and come up with your Powerful Personal Brand that gets you the success you deserve!
  • Invaluable diagnostic quizzes - no more second guessing, these quizzes will spell it out black and white for you, from what your business strengths are, to how to define and "sell" your personal style
  • Powerbox Branding Inventory - a comprehensive checklist of the best marketing tactics for your business... so you can keep track of what you're doing, and regularly add new tactics to your marketing mix!
Plus, you'll get these incredible bonuses!

A FREE 30 minute personal brand tele-checkup with Ingrid Menninga, Director of JOLT Marketing and Personal Branding Bootcamp host
Your chance to make sure you're on the right track with your personal brand, get free tips on how to make your personal brand even better, and loads of tricks on how you can make your personal brand irresistible!
Value $199

"Inside a Successful Personal Brand" video
Going behind the scenes we break down what a successful personal brand looks like, how it works, and how everything about the personal brand confirms these select professionals as the ONLY choice for their target market.
Value $99
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
We're totally confident that you're going to love Personal Brand Bootcamp. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, it will dramatically transform your business.
Just to back that up, we'll give you until the end of the first session to live with the work and really see if it's for you. If it's not for you, just let us know before the start of the second video, return any products you received in re-salable condition, and get a full refund for your course tuition.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
* Billed monthly
P.S. Are you tired of watching others find success in their careers, wondering when it will be your turn? If that sounds like you, the good news is that now it is your turn! When you make a conscious decision that you're ready to finally get the success you deserve it means you really are ready. The first step to finding that success is to Register Now, to learn how to build your own personal brand, separate yourself from the competition, and stand out as the only choice for your ideal clients.
P.P.S. Let's be honest. Here's the bottom line. A part of being successful is making decisions…and not letting them eat up your valuable time. It doesn't matter to me if you invest in this training or not. It DOES, however, matter to me that you MAKE A DECISION about it before you jump off this page. Please don't let this be one more thing you need to "think about." Nothing will keep you from your reaching your goals faster than delaying decisions. So YES or NO, trust that and move forward. If YES, Reserve your spot and know that you have made a huge step toward making your business highly profitable with an easy to follow formula!
P.P.P.S. This program is only available for a few weeks, and then we close the registrations to focus on working with clients that have signed up. If you're considering joining the Personal Brand Bootcamp program and delay signing up, there's a very good chance that registration will be closed when you come back. To avoid disappointment Register Now.
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